Non-Emergency Accessible Transportation


Through a partnership with CenCal Health, Non-Emergency Accessible Transportation (NEAT) provides nearly 1,000 rides per month for low-income Medi-Cal residents to non-emergency medical appointments.

This program is designed to provide subsidized transportation to urgently needed dialysis treatments, cancer treatments, and medical appointments to qualifying south coast residents.

To check your CenCal Health eligibility and register for transportation, please call (855) 659-4600.
Cencal partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use NEAT?
Anyone with a valid CenCal Id number in need of transportation to medical appointments.
When can I use NEAT?
NEAT is only available Monday- Saturday from 5am-5pm.
Where can I use NEAT to?
While riding NEAT, you are only able to ride to pre-approved CenCal locations
What is the cost of NEAT?
NEAT is free of cost for qualifying individuals as CenCal reimburses Easy Lift for all eligible rides.