About Us

Easy Lift Transportation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that provides specialized transportation services for the south Santa Barbara community.

Easy Lift is unique in the paratransit industry because of our nonprofit status. Most similar organizations in the U.S. rely exclusively on government funding, while just half of our Dial-A-Ride funding is from the government. As a nonprofit, Easy Lift leverages government funding with private support from local foundations, corporations, and individuals. This expands our capacity to serve more people with more rides and transportation services.

Our primary service is Dial-A-Ride. People who can’t drive nor take public transportation because of a mental, physical, or cognitive disability are eligible to apply for Dial-A-Ride services.

The passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990 mandated transportation services for disabled individuals. Locally, the Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) contracted with Easy Lift in 1991 to become the sole provider of Dial-A-Ride in south Santa Barbara County.

Passengers can use Dial-A-Ride for transportation to any activity or appointment they desire within our service area. This includes medical appointments, work, school, grocery shopping, church, recreation, and entertainment.

Additional services include Children’s Accessible Transportation (CAT), Non-Emergency Accessible Transportation (NEAT is a partnership with CenCal Health), and Mobility Training.

On average, Easy Lift annually provides over 75,000 rides for the community through its various services.

We currently operate 20 Dial-A-Ride vehicles and five NEAT vehicles. All our vehicles are wheelchair accessible, provide service from Winchester Canyon to Carpinteria, and operate 363 days per year.

Easy Lift believes transportation is central to providing the access, mobility, independence, and dignity we all need for a well-lived, healthy, and happy life. We will continually strive to expand our services to meet the unmet and growing needs of our community.

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