Programs & Services

Dial-A-Ride (DAR)
Easy Lift Transportation’s most commonly known service is Dial-A-Ride. Each year we schedule tens of thousands of rides for people with limited mobility.

To be eligible, clients must be physically or cognitively unable to ride MTD. Our Dial-A-Ride program is subsidized through donations, grants, and public transit monies. Passengers pay only $3.50 for each one-way ride.

Dial-A-Ride trips are scheduled on a first call, first served basis. No program or person may be given priority on Dial-A-Ride. No priority is given based on trip purpose.


Who: Individuals who are physically or cognitively unable to ride MTD are encouraged to apply

What: DAR is a program that offers transportation to qualifying individuals anywhere they want to go within our service area for only $3.50 each way.

When: The service is available 363 days per year. We are only closed Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.

Monday- Friday 5:25am- 11:45pm

Saturday: 6:00am – 11:20pm

Sunday: 6:20am – 10:20pm

Where: The service are is from Winchester Canyon to Carpinteria within 3/4 mile of fixed route (MTD) bus stops.

How: To use any of our services, you must be a registered passenger. You may complete the application online, print it online and mail it back to us or call to ask for an application to be mailed to your home. Once you return a completed application it can take up to 21 days to process the application. If you find yourself in need of an expedited application, please follow up with the Eligibility Intake Coordinator at 805-845-8963 once you have submitted your application.

Otherwise, you will be notified by phone or email whether you have been approved or not.

Children's Accessible Transportation (CAT)
Children’s Accessible Transportation (CAT) is designed to provide transportation to youth and teen programs unable to garner transportation. Easy Lift Transportation, as the county’s designated CTSA (Consolidated Transit Service Agency) has the ability to transport teens in a safe and competent manner at a more cost friendly price.

Although there is a minimal fee associated to help cover vehicle maintenance and insurance premiums, organizations unable to pay are invited to apply for a scholarship.

For more information please contact Program Coordinator, Jacqueline Valencia at (805) 692-6923.

Who can use CAT? Community Based Organization’s (CBO) serving youth and teens who need reliable, safe transportation to programming.

When can I use CAT? Shuttles are scheduled based on availability of driver and vehicle. Please schedule in advance as space fills rather quickly, especially during the summer months.

Why Should I use CAT? Easy Lift offers maintenance, insurance and state compliance of a 15 passenger vehicle as well as a 20 passenger vehicle, with a trained licensed Class B driver.

Easy Lift has undergone all of the state regulations to ensure their vehicles have a 45-day check up by state approved mechanics,

This means you don’t have to worry about meeting state regulations when transporting children on school property because Easy Lift has already taken these precautions for you.

What is the cost of CAT? There is a membership cost for all partnering CBO’s. Cost is determined by the frequency of use and will be discussed individually with you at the time of reservation.

Membership fees generated from this program are used to help cover associated vehicle maintenance and insurance premiums. Organizations unable to pay are invited to apply for a scholarship.

How do I sign up? To check on availability, please email Jacqueline Valencia at  with the following information:

  • What organization is seeking transportation?
  • When do you need this transportation?
  • Where is the pick up and drop off location?
  • What time is the pick up and drop off?
  • How many youth do you need to transport?
  • Is this a repeating event?

Jacqueline will then check on availability and contact you. Any phone call held, will be documented via email to ensure both parties are on the same page.

Non-Emergency Accessible Transportation (NEAT)
Through a contract with CenCal Health, Non-Emergency Accessible Transportation (NEAT) provides nearly 1,000 rides per month for low-income Medi-Cal residents to non-emergency medical appointments.

This program is designed to provide subsidized transportation to urgently needed dialysis treatments, cancer treatments, and medical appointments to qualifying south coast residents.

Who can use NEAT? Anyone with a valid CenCal Id number in need of transportation to medical appointments.

When can I use NEAT? NEAT is only available Monday- Saturday from 8am-5pm

Where can I use NEAT to? While riding NEAT, you are able to travel to medical appointments, including dental, pharmacy, counseling, and treatment centers.

What is the cost of NEAT? NEAT is free of cost for qualifying individuals as CenCal Health reimburses Easy Lift for all eligible rides.

How do I register to use NEAT?

  • Effective, January 1st 2018, all new and existing passengers with expired prescriptions should call Ventura Transit Service at (855) 659-4600 to register and request transportation to be covered under CenCal Health Insurance.
Mobility Training
Mobility gives people independence. To provide transportation options for seniors and the physically challenged, Easy Lift created a Mobility Training Program. Our mobility trainer will work one-on-one with individuals to teach them such skills as how to read and use the MTD bus schedule, where to catch the MTD bus they need, and so on. Our trainers will even ride with program participants on a repeated basis until they feel comfortable navigating the fixed route bus service on their own.