Additional Services

Human Services Radio Network Dispatch Service

Any organization that has its own vans knows the need for communication between drivers when they are on the road. In 1988, Easy Lift Transportation established the Human Service Radio Network. Today Easy Lift dispatches almost 40 vans from several local nonprofit agencies via our dispatch communications center. There is a nominal monthly fee for this service. Interested agencies should contact our office for details.

Mobility Training Service

Mobility gives people independence. To provide transportation options for seniors and the physically challenged, Easy Lift created a Mobility Training Program. Our mobility trainer will work one-on-one with individuals to teach them such skills as how to read and use the MTD bus schedule, where to catch the MTD bus they need, and so on. Our trainers will even ride with program participants on a repeated basis until they feel comfortable navigating the fixed route bus service on their own.

Project Safe Streets

Many organizations operate their own vans but have no way to train their drivers. Through our driver trainer, Easy Lift Transportation’s Project Safe Streets program provides training tailored to meet each agency’s specific needs.


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